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Pathways Program

Ecole Oriole Park offers diverse programming to a wide range of student learning needs.  Students who require specialized and individualized learning programs will find our Pathways program could be a good fit for them. Working in close collaboration with the team from our Division's Student Services Department, the Pathways program accommodates the learning needs to support students in their various areas of development with more access to specialized support(s).  

The focus is on building an individualized learning program based on each student's strength, learning style, level of achievement, and learning ability.  We look for opportunities (if allowed by COVID protocols and restrictions) for inclusion into the regular stream classes if appropriate for each student on any given day. Students may join a regular program class according to their interest, suitability, readiness and/or appropriateness of topic.  The focus is on life skills, so daily curriculum, class expectations, level of inclusion, and learning outcomes will be modified on an individual basis for our Pathways students based on their skill level(s) and specific goals that are determined in their ISP's.  Some students may access outside community supports such as OT, SLP, and/or PT. if recommended by the child's doctor &/or the Learning Support Team at the school.  Based on recommendations from the program teachers and classroom aides, the level of integration and inclusion into mainstream classes will be different and varied for each child.  Please contact the school if you have any questions about our Pathways program.  

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