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Count Me In RDPSD: Student Census

Count Me In

Red Deer Public Schools wants to be the BEST CHOICE for all students and families. In doing so, the Division is committed to providing excellence in teaching and learning in all classrooms so that every student can achieve their full potential. It’s also important to ensure that every student feels like they belong and are served well by their school community.

To help our Division best meet the needs of every student, Red Deer Public Schools will be conducting the Count Me In RDPSD Student Census during the 2022/2023 school year. 

Normandeau chosen for pilot survey

Normandeau School will pilot the student census, which will take place from June 7-9, 2022. The reason for the pilot is because Red Deer Public Schools want to ensure we get it right. Having students, families and staff go through the survey process as well as providing feedback, will help inform best practices for the upcoming Division-wide Count Me In RDPSD Student Census.

During the pilot survey we are asking parents to fill out the survey on behalf of their child if they are in Kindergarten to Grade 5. If you have more than one child in Kindergarten to Grade 5 at Normandeau School, we ask that you please fill out a survey for each of your children. The survey will come to you via your PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Students in Grades 6-8 will complete the survey between June 7-9 during class time.

Please note, the Count Me In RDPSD Student Census is voluntary, but your participation is valued in providing supports, services and future direction of Red Deer Public Schools.

If you have any questions, please contact Principal Lisa Spicer at 403-342-0727.

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