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Volunteers in School

Volunteers in School

Dear Parent/School Volunteer:

In an effort to maximize the safety of your children and our students, the Red Deer Public School District has implemented new requirements for school volunteers. All adults who volunteer in a school or at a school-sponsored activity, and who will have opportunity to interact with students during the course of their volunteer service, will need to provide the school with a Police Information Check (formerly known as a Criminal Record Check) and TWO written references that confirm the suitability of the individual to serve as a school volunteer.

To make it as easy as possible for you to meet these new requirements, we have the following template documents linked below:

• Police Information Check Request (for you to complete online)

  Note: The RCMP charges a nominal fee for this service.

• 2 copies of the Volunteer Reference Form (for you to use in obtaining references and to provide completed references to the school).

Please call the school office at 403-346-5765 or email: to request a Volunteer Letter from the school which provides proof of volunteer status and a reduction of the application fee to $5.

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a volunteer and for your understanding in meeting these requirements in order to enhance the safety of your children and our students. 

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