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Co-Impact Team's FundScrip Fundraiser

 Co-Impact FundScrip Fundraiser

Are you looking for great stocking stuffer ideas? An easy to mail Christmas gift for someone you love who lives farther away? Someone have a birthday coming up? A cool way to pay whoever shovels your driveway? Want to bless someone with gas or grocery cards? 


Our Grade 12 Co-Impact Service Team is hosting an awesome new fundraiser over these next 4 months! GIFT CARDS FOR PURCHASE!



Starting today, November 7, we will be collecting orders to be placed by November 25. 

These orders will be back in time for Christmas (gift ideas!!).

We will also be collecting orders November 28 - January 19 and again January 23 to February 16 (this is the final order date).


Fundscrip is a Canadian Gift Card fundraising program where you buy gift cards at face value and get face value at the retailers. The members of the 2023 Co-Impact Team will receive between 2% to 10% of the face value of each gift card purchased that will go towards the cost of their trip. 


If you do not have a specific team member to support, the proceeds raised will be dispersed between ALL members of the team fairly. One order form is being sent home with each family. For a copy of the order form, please click HERE. 


Thank you so very much for supporting our 2023 Co-Impact Team as they prepare for their incredible service opportunity in the Dominican Republic. 

We appreciate your participation!

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