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Celebrating our Gr. 12 Grads - Special Spotlight!

Grad Spotlight

Congratulations to Gateway's Graduating Class of 2022!  

Dream big - with God, you can accomplish incredible things.

A BIG thank you to our Gr. 1 students for creating spectacular portraits of our grads.   Thank you for sharing your works of art with our school community! The portraits are awesome.   

Hip, Hip, Hooray to our Gr. 1 students! 


Nathaniel Allin - Servant Worker

Nathaniel, we see you as a Servant Worker.  When something needs doing, or someone needs help, you are there to support.  You make your communities better by participating in them, contributing to the well-being of others, and seeing things through to the end.  Your perseverance and unwillingness to let things slide by shows your humble, servant heart.


Juan Bustos - Creation Enjoyer

Juan, you are a Creation Enjoyer.  You work hard to understand your place within culture through sports, culture, music, and relationships. You thrive when surrounded by people and find joy in sharing your passions while glorifying God. 


Ryan Casipe- Image Reflector

Ryan, you are an image reflector.  Whether you know it or not, you show others what it means to be like Christ.  You carry yourself with humility, tolerance, and ultimately, love.  The way you treat people is infectious, and you quietly inspire your communities to be better.



Matthew Elliott - Justice Seeker

Matthew, you are a justice seeker and you take the responsibility of seeking justice in this world very seriously.  You see how the world is not as God intended it to be.  You are convicted by the wrongs in this world around us and you have a great hope in Christ for the restoration of these injustices and reveal God’s kingdom and truth.


Michael Ellis - Community Builder

Michael, you are a community builder.  You have the innate ability to discern the needs, the hurts and the joys of others.  You carry the social capital to grow your peers and your community in a way that edifies the individuals and the group.  We pray that you continual to use your spiritual gifts to love God and love others.



Bryan Fanning - Justice Seeker

Bryan, we see you as a justice seeker.  You journey through life with forthrightness: you speak up to disagree, call out incongruities, and challenge disordered ideas. You have a deeply caring heart filled with a passion to discover and experience the world on your own terms. You never hesitate to speak out when you perceive a wrong, but at the same time you take responsibility when you make mistakes, showing integrity and a heart for justice.



Lane Fox - Justice Seeker 

Lane, your community sees you as a justice seeker.  Your compassion for equity is evident in the way you treat others. You strive to correct the wrong you see around you.  Your desire to understand the truth and shed light in the darkness is demonstrated in the way you work to act as an agent of change by identifying and responding to injustices. Your actions help those around you catch glimpses of God’s kingdom and be inspired by His hope for the future.



Anessa Harrod - Creation Enjoyer

Anessa, we see you as a creation enjoyer.  You are curious about God’s world, and celebrate God’s incredible creation as you look at your environment with joy, developing critical awareness. You embrace experiencing the world and people around us, noticing and enjoying creation by looking at, talking about, and studying what there is to be seen in God’s world. Your smile, the twinkle in your eye, the delight you share when you discover something new or make someone laugh or explore new ideas brings to mind the psalmist's praise: “The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy”!


Brianna  Hepworth - Justice Seeker

Bri, we see you as a justice seeker. You are confident, brave, and possess a passion to discover and experience the world through a discerning lens of fairness and righteousness. You want everyone to be accepted and valued and are treated fairly and with respect. When you notice this is not the case, you will boldly speak up and seek to rectify the injustice. Justice is a central part of God’s kingdom, wherein equity and grace are promised. You answer God’s call to act justly by looking out for others, in particular the marginalized, using your gifts to advocate for greater compassion and more welcoming communities.



James Hildebrant - Community Builder

James, you are a community builder.  Relationships are important to you, and you work hard to build and maintain friendships.  Through your sharp wit and sense of humour, you are able to lighten the mood and make people feel welcome.  Your lighthearted and easy-going demeanor makes you an easy person to be around, and you are able to bring people closer together when they need it.


Tori Janzen - Servant Worker

Tori, you are a servant worker. You humbly and joyfully serve those around you as you seek to bring joy and shalom in all you do. You make a difference in the world by seeking to bring harmony with others, serving, helping, working hard to affect change, improve situations for people, build community, and meet the needs of those around you. You are always there for everyone around you and our school is better off having seen you. 


Jehovani Kitenge - Order Discoverer

Jeho, we think you are an order discoverer.  You have a passion for knowledge and aspire to understand how the natural world operates.  You have a clever way of looking for evidence of God’s truth in the courses you take, communities you participate in, and relationships you build.  You are introspective and think deeply on the complexities of creation.


Noah Leis - Image Reflector

Noah, you reflect the kindness and gentleness of Christ. You have a caring heart and are humble, polite, and considerate. Despite challenges, you seek to learn and grow, and faithfully demonstrate a desire to do your best. You are an Image Reflector - people around us often form impressions of who God is by looking at God’s followers, and in looking at you they see a God who is kind, gentle, accepting and dedicated. In a world filled with uncertainty and unreliability, you reflect the strength and reliability of God. 


Noah Loonstra - Servant Worker

Noah, we see you as a servant worker.  Servant workers are people who bring peace and belonging into our spaces and you do that with your calm, easy-going manner. You don’t demand attention, but approach everyone you meet with kindness, respect, and acceptance. Being a servant worker, you improve the world that God has placed you in when you show compassion and grace to those around you, creating a welcoming place for anyone around you, without judgment or reproach. You are humble, never proud or boastful, and you offer hope and hospitality to our communities. 


Annika Lynett - Beauty Creator

Annika, we see you as a beauty creator. You reflect God’s love of complexity and diversity. You are so amazingly creative, insightful, and discerning. You take messy, difficult challenges and transform them into something beautiful, inviting us all to explore the majesty and wonder of the beauty in those parts of Creation that we have to work to see. You invite us to love God’s creation and its wonder and weirdness and inspire us to be amazed; in who you are and how you inhabit the world, you create the opportunities to see the beauty, delicacy, oddity and miracle of life.


Caleb Marquart - Image Reflector

Caleb, you demonstrate the integrity of Christ by being faithful and true to God and his Word in all circumstances. You are the example Hebrews 13 calls us to follow:, “Take a good look at the way they live, and let their faithfulness instruct you, as well as their truthfulness. There should be a consistency that runs through us all. For Jesus doesn’t change—yesterday, today, tomorrow, he’s always totally himself.” That’s you: you are faithful, truthful, consistently faithful in your integrity, you are the same yesterday, today, tomorrow. You reflect Jesus’ image in your steadfast reliability. You have a dedicated work ethic, and are focused on your responsibilities, seeing your everyday tasks as a way to bring glory to God.


Ava Poettcker - Image Reflector

Ava, we see you as an image reflector. You are humble, kind, and considerate. You give generously, encourage mightily. You care deeply about others, you seek to learn and grow, and faithfully demonstrate a desire to give your time and resources away joyfully to make others feel welcome: you have the gift of hospitality. You live thoughtfully and generously toward others to ensure they feel welcome, included, and loved; in that you reflect the image of God in our community.


Thomas Puzey - Idolatry Discerner

Thomas, you are a truth seeker and idolatry discerner.  You are passionate and steadfast in defense of what you believe, and courageous in asking hard questions, challenging worldly values in order to discern the truth and the path of righteousness.  You are hard-working and you seek to ask questions about what is being portrayed in regard to culture, values, and belief systems.



Ashton Smith - Order Discoverer

Ashton, we think of you as an order discoverer.  You have a passion for knowledge and aspire to understand how the natural world operates.  You have a clever way of looking for evidence of truth in the courses you take, communities you participate in, and relationships you build.  You are introspective and you think critically on our roles as citizens within God’s kingdom.


Anna Stober - Image Reflector

Anna, you are an Image Reflector.  You are cheerful, kind, and willing to reach out to others.  When you show grace and compassion to the people around you, you reflect Christ and inspire your community to treat each other with love and respect.  You work hard, take risks, and approach life with courage and graciousness. 



Dylan Tays - Creation Enjoyer

Dylan, you are a creation enjoyer.  You bring joy to those around you through your sense of humor, your contagious smile and your courage to try new things.  You have a passion for the outdoors - playing sports like shiny hockey, golf, football and hiking - enjoying the creation that God has gifted us.  More importantly, you enjoy the company of others!  You have a gift of compassion that is freely given and easily received by your peers.  Keep enjoying life and allowing God to move through you.



Kaylie Webb - Order Discoverer

Kaylie, you are an order discoverer.  You have a very inquisitive mind that is constantly assessing the world around you.  You have a keen understanding of God’s power and the order that He displays in the intricacy and complexity of His creation.  We pray that God continues to reveal Himself to you with a spirit of wisdom and revelation so that you may know Him better.  Your astute intellect and hardworking nature will undoubtedly take you many places on your journey of life.



Grace Wheaton - Justice Seeker

Grace, you are a justice seeker.  Your moral compass for right and wrong is always tuned in to your surroundings.  In addition, your curiosity for the things beyond human comprehension is an example for all of us.  You ask questions, show intrigue and offer genuine interest in others and their circumstances.  We pray that you continue to grow in your humble walk with God, always doing justice and loving mercy.



Riley Young - Creation Enjoyer

You are a creation enjoyer, Riley.  Your curiosity about God’s world is inspiring; you strive to celebrate God’s incredible creation -- not just talking about trees and mountains, but opportunities, relationships, and seeking to understand how the world fits together. You approach the world with a calm smile, bringing peace and joy to those around you.



Shannen Yu - Order Discoverer

Shannen, we see you as an Order Discoverer.  We see your passion for understanding the natural world and your desire to complete tasks to the highest possible level.  Your hard work, persistence, curiosity, and willingness to learn new things will help you along your journey.  Continue to discover order in creation, history, science, and other people, as they are all means through which God’s word is revealed.


Blessings to all our graduates!


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