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Home Education

Red Deer Public Schools currently offers two forms of home education: At Home Learning School and Traditional Home Schooling

At Home Learning offers online classes that directly follow Alberta curriculum and have assigned teachers. To know more about this option click the link. At Home Learning link

Traditional Home School: You may choose between two programs (following the Alberta Program of Studies or following the Alberta Learning Outcomes for Students. Red Deer Public Schools does not offer a blended program at this time. 

The traditional home school program is designed for families who wish to be responsible for offering the program of studies/outcomes for their child/children by developing, administering, managing and evaluating the progress of their student(s), and maintaining a record of those studies.

Students must be Alberta residents but do not need to currently be registered with Red Deer Public Schools. Students and school boards must both maintain the guidelines of the Home Education Regulations.

For more information contact:

Alternative Schools Centre RDPSD:  403-343-1354

Principal: Stephen Pottage

Vice Principal: Kimberly Darling

Traditional Home School Coordinator: Colleen Young (ext. 323)

Parent are Responsible for Homeschooling Learning

The parent is responsible for curricular choices while ensuring that the program is consistent with the student learning outcomes listed in the Alberta Regulation 145/2006 Home Education Regulation or the Alberta Program of Studies. Assessment is parent-directed according to the child’s needs. Assessment records must be kept. 

Evaluation of the child’s progress is done a minimum of twice a year where a certificated teacher (facilitator) evaluates the student and reviews the student portfolio.

Red Deer Public School Facilitators

Facilitators are certified Alberta teachers employed by RDPSD. Their responsibilities are to:

  • Facilitate student learning by providing assistance and advice to the parent

  • Make recommendations to parents on matter that will assist the student in achieving a higher level of learning

  • Make recommendations to parents on matter that will assist the student in transitioning a return to mainstream education

  • Advise the parents on the progress of the student, based on evaluations of the progress of the students maintained by parents and review each portfolio each school term

  • Advise the parents on maintaining records of student progress for future reference, indicate services provided by RDPSD that are available for use


All students registered with RDPSD Traditional Home School as of September 30 will be eligible to receive supplemental funding, (Alberta Regulation 126/99) to augment their learning. Students must be registered by September 30 to be entitled to funding.

Parents are responsible for educational costs and must submit receipts for reimbursement. Further information will be provided upon registration.

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