Red Deer Public School Division

Statement on incident at Lindsay Thurber

An altercation between students occurred at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School on Tuesday, May 16. The situation has been dealt with by school administration, which is resulting in the suspension of all students directly involved in the incident. A School Resource Officer from the RCMP has also assisted in the process.

The incident has been profiled on social media taking particular aim that some of the students involved were Syrian.

Several of the comments have been concerning and troubling, based on misinformation. We want to be very clear that all students involved in the situation have been dealt with in the same manner receiving the same consequences for the roles they played in the altercation. Lindsay Thurber does not tolerate fighting and it is dealt with as a serious matter. Had the incident occurred between other students, the school would have responded in the same manner—punitively and fair.

We are concerned that the incident is being elevated because of the backgrounds of the students and that is not right.  This does not represent the care and concern for diversity that the students, staff and parents within the Lindsay Thurber school community take great pride in.