Red Deer Public School District

Board advocates for unified school system

A motion by the Board of Trustee of Red Deer Public Schools to advocate for single publicly funded education system has been supported by a vote of 4 to 3.

Trustee Dianne Macaulay presented a notice of motion at the last meeting of the Board of Trustees on April 12, 2017.         

The original motion that also called for the Board to offer Catholic programs as well as other faith and program options was removed from the motion as part of an amendment by Trustee Bill Stuebing

The Board of Trustees have generally been supporters for one publicly funded education system that opens its doors to all students.

While there was appreciation for the overall direction, dissenting Trustees were questioning whether it was the role of the Board to advocate on this issue.  Those supporting the motion felt public school boards were one of the parties who should champion a single publicly funded education system.


For more information, please contact

  • Bev Manning, Board Chair
  • 403-358-2035


  • Diane Macaulay, Trustee
  • 403-588-8806


  • Bill Stuebing, Trustee
  • 403-347-5319