Red Deer Public School Division

Red Deer Public is ready to welcome 11,000 students to a new school year!

Red Deer Public Schools is ready and excited to welcome 11,000 students back to the classroom on Wednesday, September 1! Staff have been busy preparing their classrooms and schools since last Thursday. It’s going to be a great year full of teaching, learning and inspiring students.

On Monday morning, all 1,200 Red Deer Public Schools staff took part in the Division’s virtual Kick Off event. The morning included an inspiring and powerful message from Shelley Moore, an educator who is a passionate advocate for inclusive education. Her presentation, titled The Evolution of Inclusion, was focused on meeting the instructional needs of all learners and how we can get to know our students so that we can respond to, plan and create space for all of their diverse strengths and identities.

“How we understand inclusion is shifting,” she said. “We looked at how we can get to know our students so that we can respond to, plan and create space for all of their diverse strengths and identities.”

Shelley held an afternoon session with Red Deer Public’s Learning Assistant Teachers, which was titled Support One, Supporting All: Collaborating to Create Classroom Support Plans. Building on the morning session, this workshop looked at a collaborative planning strategy that aims to support a classroom of diverse students, by anticipating supports and strategies and teaching them to everyone.

Red Deer Public’s three priorities include Literacy and Numeracy, Equity, and Student Success and Completion. 

“As we start the year, our Division and our priorities continue to be at the foundation of what we do and these have resulted in significant success,” said Nicole Buchanan, Board Chair. “Given the last 18 months, these priorities are even more vital as we begin this year. These priorities drive our day to day work and ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Red Deer Public’s priorities also play a key role in the Division’s COVID-19 Recovery & Resurgence Plan, which is a key focus of the 2021/2022 school year.

The Board of Trustees has invested over $1 million for a COVID-19 Recovery & Resurgence Plan this year that includes supporting students transitioning back to the classroom, learning supports, as well as mental health and wellness support. This plan outlines a number of focus areas for Red Deer Public Schools for the upcoming school year. Through this plan, our hope is that every student and staff are supported in the best way possible so that they can have a successful school year.

“We want to ensure all students in Red Deer Public have a great school year, and are able to achieve their very best,” said Chad Erickson, Superintendent. “Last year was a challenging way to start as Superintendent for Red Deer Public. I came into the role with many new ideas. With a desire to be in our schools and our community connecting and sharing a vision and aspirations for students and staff.

“Looking ahead to this year, while we still have some limitations, I want to move forward. I want to engage with and connect with our staff, students, parents and community, and sharing a vision and aspirations for students and staff will play a big role in that. Red Deer Public Schools is the best choice for all students and we will continue focusing on that and improving where we can by working together.”