Red Deer Public School Division

Hunting Hills moves to temporary online learning

Please be advised that all students in grades 9 to 12 will be moving to Temporary Online Learning effective Tuesday, April 27, 2021. At this time, we anticipate students may be returning to classes on Monday, May 10, but this is subject to change as we monitor exposure and case counts.

We made the request given ongoing pressures and strains being put on students, learning resources and staff.  Since April 16, our school has had 12 COVID cases resulting in 570 students and 21 staff needing to isolate. Alberta Education has specific criteria to grant schools these measures and after reviewing our circumstances, they agreed we have met the criteria to move to temporary online learning. 

By moving to temporary online learning, all students and staff will have equal access to learning, thus avoiding gaps with students coming and going. Teachers will be providing information on their Google Classrooms to ensure continuity in their teaching. With two months of school remaining, we still have significant teaching and learning to take place to ensure students meet all outcomes. It will be important for students to be diligently engaged in their classes.

Our temporary online learning schedule will be the same one we followed in December and January. Students will be required to connect each day online and follow their normal schedule.  Teachers will be posting assignments and all classes will be live and taught online. Starting Tuesday, teachers will be leading students through daily online lessons that may include teacher demonstration, class discussions, work time or answering individual student questions. Students in CTS courses may be invited to participate in small groups to ensure an opportunity to earn all the credits they registered for.  Students registered for Advanced Placement courses will be permitted to enter the building on the days they have exams.  Our AP facilitators will contact these families individually to make arrangements.

If any students require access to technology they can contact the school and we will arrange to have a device available.

While we are moving to temporary online learning, our school will remain open. Staff will be working at school and students and parents can come to the school to access resources by appointment. In some cases small groups of students may be attending school for specific reasons.

This year has been challenging and difficult for students, parents and staff in our school and across the Division given the number of positive cases and required isolations needed. Our request was made for the best interests of all.

Given the increase in cases across our community, we urge all our students and families to be even more vigilant in following health restrictions for COVID 19. It is through our combined efforts that we will be able to get back to “normal” as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. I want to commend our staff and students for their great work learning and following health restrictions during these challenges. These new measures support our top priority to keep students and staff safe and healthy.

Please contact me if you have any questions.



Darwin Roscoe, Principal