Red Deer Public School Division

Hunting Hills modernization and addition approved by the province

Red Deer Public’s top priority for capital projects has been approved by the provincial government.

Today’s announcement, made by Education Minister Adriana LaGrange, was part of a $268 million announcement for new schools and education upgrades across the province, and gives the green light for the modernization and addition at Hunting Hills High School.

“We are grateful to the Minister as well as Red Deer South MLA Jason Stephan for the announcement of the modernization and expansion at Hunting Hills High School,” said Nicole Buchanan, Board Chair. “This project has been at the top of our list and it’s an important need that must be addressed.”

The modernization will address issues with the school’s roof, mechanical and electrical issues and other functional concerns, including the building’s envelope.

“While not impacting students directly, Alberta Infrastructure is acutely aware of issues facing the building and the need for repairs to reduce further issues,” said Della Ruston, Associate Superintendent, System Services.

Over the last few years, the utilization rate at Hunting Hills, which was built in 1994, has been steadily increasing. Once complete, the addition of the school will accommodate 200 more students.

“Currently, many gathering spaces are being used as classrooms in order to accommodate the number of students,” said Ruston. “This school is projected to continue to grow over the next few years, so the addition is very welcomed news.”

Red Deer Public is awaiting details from the province in terms of scope, timing and budget this project.