Red Deer Public School District

Red Deer Public Schools will not hold a Trustee by-election

As the Board of Trustees began their meeting on Wednesday, they remembered Trustee Bill Christie, who passed away in August. With his passing, a vacancy exists on the seven member board.

The Education Act allows the Board to decide whether or not to have a by-election. Given provisions in the Local Authorities Election Act on timing for nominations and the election periods, possible election dates would have been November 16 or December 14, 2020. With regular school board elections scheduled for October 18, 2021, a newly elected Trustee would have served for less than one year.

Following deliberations, the Board decided to not have a by-election.

“Given the timing and that our Trustees are elected at large, representing the entire city, as opposed to a ward system, the Board felt that together, the current six trustees could effectively govern and represent the students and families they serve,” said Board Chair Nicole Buchanan. The current pandemic and its restrictions on public gatherings during voting day was another factor the Board considered.