Red Deer Public School District

Continuity of Student Learning and Assessment for Red Deer Public Elementary and Middle Schools


Given the current situation involving the Covid-19 pandemic, Principals of Red Deer Public Elementary and Middle Schools, in consultation with the Associate Superintendent of Learning Services, have been working to develop a common assessment framework for our school students. This framework is in alignment with the guidelines put forth by the Government of Alberta.

We wish to be fair to all elementary and middle school students and acknowledge the work put forth by those students who are diligent towards their studies during this difficult time. Any student who is continuing to engage with the school will have the opportunity to show their increased understanding of grade level outcomes and be assured that their current standing will not drop. In recognition of the fact that some students may not have access to resources or face other obstacles to their learning, we will ensure that all students proceed to the following grade level in June and teachers will use assessment information gathered from September to March for the final report card.  To the extent possible, please encourage students to take part in the online learning that is available at your school.

Our staff understand the difficulties students may be encountering.  If your child has been unable to engage in learning to this point, they are still welcome to re-engage with their school at any time. When you are ready, we will be here!