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Background I have lived in Red Deer for 40+ years. My husband John and I have raised three daughters here, and are now enjoying living close to our 5 grandchildren. Four of these five are currently attending Red Deer Public Schools, with the 5th one starting in a year. We love Red Deer and continue to enjoy living and working here and watching our grandchildren grow. I was first elected to Trustee in 1995 and have been very blessed to have served the last 22 years on the Board. It has been a tremendous gift to be able to give back to my community and serve them in this way. I began as a mom at Normandeau School, was able to serve on school council there, and then continued that progression onto the Board of Trustees. I believe strongly in our District goals of literacy and numeracy, equity, and high school completion and success for all students - no matter what that looks like. We need to be able to offer a solid education to all students who come to us - regardless. We have worked very hard over the last number of years to focus on removing barriers to a student's education journey. I would love to continue that work. I am also thrilled that in order to help with that goal, we are also focusing on student mental health issues. I believe we are on the right track, but there is much more work to be done.
Why are you running for Trustee? I am running for my 8th term as Trustee because I believe strongly that every student deserves an opportunity to be successful. I wish to continue working hard for my community, our students and their families, in order to provide those opportunities. Public education is everyone's responsibility and it is worth every challenge we face. Whether the challenge is financial, emotional, or physical - it is worth the effort.

I also believe strongly in local autonomy, and that Red Deerians are the best people to make these decisions locally. I will continue to work with our community to find out what is important to them - I will listen to their voice.
What are your priorities for Red Deer Public Schools? My first priority is to focus on student success. We need to be able to help every student achieve their very best. I believe this is best done through our education plan and focusing on our three main goals. I will also continue to focus on talking with our community and responding to their opinions, concerns, and input to our schools here in Red Deer. My very first priority is Red Deer Public Schools and our students. A quote that I've always loved, said to me by a former superintendent is: "Nothing happens in education until it happens to a student." I believe that, and i will continue to work hard to make sure every student finds success.
Question Week 1 - September 26

How would you ensure that parents are informed and meaningfully engaged in their child's education?

Teachers are the frontline workers and the first face that most parents see. We need to continue to support them in the amazing work that they do in our classrooms each and every day. We also need to continue to support our school councils. They provide an avenue for meaningful involvement for some parents. Red Deer Public has purchased a membership in the Alberta School Council's Association, and I would continue to support doing that so that all of our schools can be members of that organization and participate. Our City Wide School Council has been a tremendously active and great group to work with, I also think they need support and participation from Trustees. I have always believed that parents are the first teachers of their children. Those first years are so critical - I think we need to catch those kids before they enter school. We need to make connections at pre-K and before. Schools should be welcoming places for all - even before your children get there. This provides an easy transition and better communication in the long run. I believe our power school, report cards, teacher and school websites all continue to make valuable information available to parents at their fingertips.

What changes should be made to the curriculum to best meet the needs of students?

Curriculum needs to be relevant, meaningful and accessible. It seems to be a very "slow moving vehicle" when the government gets involved in changing it. I don't think this is a simple question to answer, and we need to work closely with our teachers to help us understand how our curricula meets our students where they are at. I think that long periods of time pass before things change in this area, and we need to be able to respond better.

Question Week 2 - October 3

How would you ensure that resources are most effectively and efficiently allocated across the District to meet the diverse needs of all learners?

What is your position on policies related to sexual orientation and gender identity?
Question Week 3 - October 10 Are you in favour of one publicly funded education system?