Red Deer Public School District

Community Priorities:  What you told us

As part of our community consultation process, we hosted five community meetings during in spring 2015 to get input and perspectives on what the district needed to consider in developing attendance boundaries. This information guided the development of scenarios that are currently under consideration. CLICK HERE to see the Community Priorities for Consideration.

Inglewood School

The February 2014 announcement of a much needed elementary school for Red Deer Public Schools will alleviate some of the facility challenges the district faces, particularly in east Red Deer.  The school will have an initial capacity of 500 students and is designed to accommodate expansion to 600 students using relocatable classroom space.

While the initial announcement was for the school to be located in north-east Red Deer, the designated school sites would not be serviced in time to allow for construction. As a result, the district reviewed available school sites and chose the Inglewood site located at the corner of Inglewood Drive and Irving Crescent. CLICK HERE for a neighbourhood map.

The new school has a flexible design that provides outstanding teaching and learning space. Through our partnership with the City of Red Deer, there will also be dedicated community space opening the school to our neighbourhood.


Click for more images Elevation 2 Elevation 3 Floor Plan Elevations Site Plan

Future Growth

Red Deer continues to be a growing community, particularly with children and youth. The district uses a number of sources to anticipate future growth of the district overall and our individual schools.  CLICK HERE for anticipated growth for the City of Red Deer.

We work closely with the City of Red Deer to accommodate growth in the city. At this time, immediate growth will continue to focus on North East Red Deer as well as the Laredo and Vanier East subdivisions. Future growth is also anticipated north of Highway 11A, in the Hazlett Lake subdivision, as well as East and South of Ross Street and the future 20th Avenue.  CLICK HERE for a map indicating future residential growth in Red Deer.

The District also utilizes services from Baragar Systems which provides current demographic data and future forecasting of district and school populations.  Using this information, we anticipate the following enrollments:






Growth - 2015 to 2021

Elementary (PreK to 5)






Middle (6 to 8)






High School (9 to 12)












Growth – Elementary






Growth – Middle






Growth – High School






Growth – Overall







Capital Plan

The Board of Trustees develops an annual Capital Plan which is submitted to the provincial government. This prioritizes new school construction, modernizations and the addition of relocatable classroom spaces. While the district identifies these priorities, approval and funding for all capital projects is the responsibility of the province. CLICK HERE to see the District Capital Plan.

Current Boundaries

CLICK HERE to see the current school attendance boundaries.

Before and After School Care

Before and after school care is provided by the Red Deer Child Care Society at most of our elementary schools based on interest and demand. CLICK HERE for more information.

Bussing and Transportation

Transportation is a significant consideration for families in the district. Each day Red Deer Public Schools transports more than 4000 students through both charter bus services and Red Deer City Transit.

Funding to support transportation is provided by the province for students residing more than 2.4 km from their designated schools. The Board of Trustees for many years has provided bussing for elementary students residing more than 1.6 km from their designated elementary school, however no funding is provided from the government for this service.

  • Elementary students residing between 1.6 and 2.4 km are able to access bussing, although the district is not funded for this service.
  • Students residing beyond 2.4 km their designated school are eligible for bussing and the district receives funding for this service.

Once a decision on attendance boundaries is made, planning will begin to provide appropriate student transportation services.

CLICK HERE for further information on student transportation.

Choice of School Policy

The Board of Trustees believes that parents should have the right of choice of schools within the District, to the extent that such choice is feasible depending on room and resources available at the school.  CLICK HERE for the Board’s policy on Parent Choice of School for further information.


We recognize changing schools can be a challenge, particularly for those who are in the final year at a school. Once the final decision on attendance boundaries is made, implementation plans will include provisions for grandfathering where room and resources permit. Please note that where grandfathering may be available, transportation services would not be provided and is the responsibility of families.