Red Deer Public School District


Red Deer Public Schools Facility Bookings



*Sales of merchandise, food and other goods are not allowed on site 



7 day notice is required for booking changes and cancellations
- Booking times include both set up and take down of your event                                                                                                 
- Floor Hockey: only plastic blade hockey sticks are allowed in the gyms. RDPSD does not supply hockey sticks or hockey nets 
- Soccer: bring your own clean, plastic nets.  RDPSD does not supply Hockey Nets for use
- Score clocks may be used if previously arranged for an additional fee


*All rental requests must be prepared and signed one week in advance of rental date                                                                                                                                                                                 

Step One: 

Review RDPSD Facility Bookings Terms & Conditions         Click Here:  Terms & Conditions        

Step Two:  

Review RDPSD Facility Bookings Fee Structure                   Click Here: *NEW Fee Structure

Step Three:  

2018/2019 School Year  -    Click Here to submit your request:  Facility Rental Request



Frequently asked questions:                                                          

When do we pay?  See item #4 of the Terms & Conditions
What insurance coverage do we need to provide?  See item #25 of the Terms & Conditions
How much notice do I need to give to cancel or change my booking? See item #6 of the Terms & Conditions
Can we use RDPSD gym equipment?   See item #16 of the Terms & Conditions
Can we use RDPSD computers, smartboards or other AV equipment? May be available at our District Office location
Can our group be cancelled by RDPSD? See item #24 of the Terms & Conditions