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City Transit Service

City Transit bus service is provided by the Red Deer City Transit department and travel along overload City Transit routes.

Busing During Diploma Exam Period(s)
City Transit will continue transporting students up to and including the last day of exams.

Grace Period:
The City of Red Deer provides a two day “grace period” for the start of the school year for students who access City Transit services to get to school. Bus pass holders will be able to ride the city’s Transit buses to and from school without a pass on the first two days of school.  On the third day of school, students riding Transit must be in possession of a Transit Pass. Students must purchase their Transit pass (Transit Application) before the end-of-business on the second grace period day to be able to ride.  

September, 2014:  The 2-day “grace period” for Students to purchase their Transit bus passes when school resumes in September will be Tuesday, Sep. 2 and Wednesday, Sep. 3. Students may ride to and from school between 6:15 AM and 5:15 PM on those days at no charge.  At all other times, Students must have a valid fare.

City Transit - Application Form:
All students wishing to access Transit services must complete a Transit Bus Application form and pay a $30.00 fee.  This fee is discounted to $20.00 if paid by the end of June and $15.00 after January 31.

To download the Transit Transportation Application Form visit Application Forms and Fees.

City Transit - Bus Passes
Students purchase and/or receive Transit bus passes at their individual schools on a monthly basis. Two types of City Transit bus passes are available. Students may decide on a restricted or an unrestricted Transit bus pass.

a. Restricted Bus Pass:  School days: 6:15 a.m. until 5:15 p.m. (must be at Sorenson Station to transfer no later than 5:15pm)

b. Unrestricted Bus Pass:  May be used at any time City Transit operates.

Eligible Students:  Students who live over 2.4 km from their designated school will be eligible to receive a restricted bus pass each month for no additional cost beyond the application fee. An upgrade to an unrestricted bus pass fee is noted on the Transit Application.

Ineligible Students:  Students living less than 2.4 km from their designated school can purchase a restricted bus pass for an additional fee. This fee is also noted on the Transit Application.

For City Transit schedules, routes and times, call Red Deer City Transit Help Desk at 403-342-8225 or Click here to try Transit's free trip planning tool that uses Google Maps to show the latest bus routes and schedules.