Red Deer Public School District

Matt Chapin


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Phone  403-347-1934
Website and Social Media Pages Facebook
Background LTCHS Grad Class of 2004 Want to RDC, SAIT, U of A and BYU 1998 to 2007 Red Deer Royals Play in 3 World Chapionships in Calgary, Germany and Italy 2002 and 2004 Red Deer Mayors Award
Why are you running for Trustee? I am a LTCHS grad so I know this City and this school board. I grow up with a parent with mental illness and I know how some kids hide there home lifes and that is one place I can help. I dont have kids yet but I have little cousins who are in school so I know I can help throw them.
What are your priorities for Red Deer Public Schools? Working with the kids who have mental illness in the home and getting parents more into the process of everyday life
Question Week 1 - September 26

How would you ensure that parents are informed and meaningfully engaged in their child's education?

I would try to concate them in ever way possible. Have a booth at the farmers marker, have my email and phone number out there, if there is something going on use any and all media to get the word out.

What changes should be made to the curriculum to best meet the needs of students?

This something I would like to work with the parents and teachers of the students. I am just one person and I dont want to say what changes should be made without everyones input.

Question Week 2 - October 3

How would you ensure that resources are most effectively and efficiently allocated across the District to meet the diverse needs of all learners?

Talk to everyone! I would go to both the teachers and parents to what is needed. If I feel it is needed try to work with Edmonton to get more money for the budget.

What is your position on policies related to sexual orientation and gender identity?

I feel for people who go throw this. I know some will hate me for this and some with will love me for this but I want to work with the kids going throw this so they feel okay in their own bodies. How one feels is not their falt. I would also help them with their families cas I know it is for all of them.

Question Week 3 - October 10

Are you in favour of one publicly funded education system?

To be truthfull I am not in faver of one publicly funded education system but I want to work with all systems. I beileve that parents and kids should the the right to choose what they learn and what system they go in. I will always want to work with everyone!